Varlam Shalamov


Справка о работе на севере

“I do not owe to the state; I have discharged my civic duty in the hardest conditions: never betraying, never forgetting, and never forgiving. I do not owe “progressive humanity” and its foreign agents as well. I'm bound neither by promises, nor by paroles of honor”.

Varlam Shalamov

Section contains documents concerning Shalamov’s life and work. Investigation files and narks’ denunciations are objects of particular interest. The story of the first Shalamov arrest for collaboration in Trotskist opposition and his rehabilitation is told in Irina Sirotinskaya article “Rehabilitated in 2000”. Unfortunately, there are still many blank spots in Shalamov’s biography; there are many documents to discover. Site staff is grateful for any help in this direction.

All documents can be found in the Russian-language section of our site.