Varlam Shalamov

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Anastasiya Osipova

Anastasiya Osipova is a scholar, writer, and translator. She is an editor of Cicada Press, a New York City–based imprint that publishes contemporary politically engaged poetic texts. She holds a PhD from the Department of Comparative Literature at NYU and is currently teaching at Gallatin, the School of Individualized Study.

  • Anastasiya Osipova The Forced Conversion of Varlam Shalamov

  • «Rayfield covers over this metaphor by choosing to translate “readers” as “bosses” and “writers” as “underlings”: “As for riding tractors or horses, that is the privilege of the bosses, not the underlings.” The importance of this substitution is hard to overemphasize. Rayfield effectively erases the meaning of the key sentence for the entire cycle».